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Resource Page

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Application Requirements

Help Videos
Check out this tour of the application and recommender systems, with demos on how to save and edit your work and tips for each section. Note that the application changes slightly from year to year and updates may not be reflected in the videos below.

Certain types of research might require pre-approvals and specific paperwork. Please refer to the Rules and Entry Instructions, particularly if you worked with humans (including surveys and any engineering project tested on humans), non-human vertebrate animals, human or animal cell lines/tissues, or potentially hazardous biological agents. In any of these cases, the forms below may be useful to you.

Webinars from Previous Years
The STS rules and application can change slightly from year to year, so be sure to check out our most recent offerings for the most up-to-date information - but these videos can be a great resource in getting to know more about the program.